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About us...



Meet Sondra and Keith.

We are a married couple that enjoy repurposing and when we can, restore items that are sometimes discarded and thrown away.  We feel finding a new use for what was an everyday item is good for our environment.  Some items are restored to their original beauty and function and others we will make into an arrangement that is pleasing to the eye.  We research and learn about the treasures we come across and share this information with others to promote awareness and preservation of our past.

A little about each of us.

Sondra is a loving wife, mother, home maker and friend.  She is a wonderful and very delightful lady with a creative streak of how to reuse castaways.  Even though Sondra has lost most of her vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, she has not lost her humor and insight on what is good in life.

Keith is a former vessel captain having worked from 1978 - 2014 in the maritime offshore oil, ocean towing, dive support, tourist, research and salvage industries.   He is now staying home to assist Sondra with shared endeavors and partly due to her limited vision.  Keith has restored vintage vacuum tube radios, jukeboxes, furniture, traffic signals, embossed signage plus many other items which are too numerous to mention.

We consider ourselves a team with many of the same tastes and likes and thoroughly enjoy hunting for treasures we hope to share with others.  This is a fun chapter in our lives and our hopes are we can make a success of finding and sometimes restoring or repurposing and presenting little bits of the past that can be passed onto others.


Keith and Sondra



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Considerating an Estate Sale?

Blind Girl Productions, 2317 Bingle Road, Houston, Texas 77055

Phone: 713 518 3030

We are Open 4 days a week:

12:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday and some Holidays.

We are Proud Sponsors of The Foundation Fighting Blindness

Since 2017, through our "Team Blind Girl Productions, we have raised over $13,500 for the Foundation

and the Houston Vision Walk to find cures for blindness.

If you would like to join our team or donate to this cause, please contact us!


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