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Thinking of having an Estate Sale?


Suggestions to prepare:

  • Assess the contents of the home

  • Remove all identifying paperwork such as tax documents, bills, credit cards, etc.

  • Remove or mark all furniture and items to be retained by the family before contacting an estate liquidation company. This makes it easier for a representative to assess the feasibility of having an estate sale.

  • Be reserved with what items you throw away. What may seem like trash is a treasure to another.

  • Interview the estate liquidation company representative for fees and services offered. Every company is different on how they setup and present a sale to the public. Ask about advertising, manning and the removal of contents after the sale.

  • Have documentation supporting you are  the “Personal Representative” of the Estate and as evidence of your authority to administer the estate, agree to supply a copy of one of the following required by legal authority: “Letters of Testamentary,” “Letters of Administration with Will Annexed,” or “Letters of Administration" or similar documents.

Other considerations are:

  • Start planning early! Many companies require 2 to 4 weeks to prepare a sale to the general public.

  • NEVER pay for any services up front.

  • List any items not found before any sale the family wishes to retain.

  • Depending on home size, location and the amount of contents, an estate sale can be 1 to 4 days in length.

  • Is the home in an HOA governed neighborhood? If so, does the HOA permit or have exemptions for estate sales?

  • The Houston area has many small municipalities and some do not permit any kind of sale from a home such as garage or estate sales or any kind of business operations other than the sale of home. If so, consider a company that can clean out or conduct an offsite sale in another location.

  • Many liquidation companies will collect and return any found identifying paperwork, old family photos, etc. to the family representative. Ask to make sure.

  • Ask for references.

  • Go to a couple of estate sales and if possible one conducted by the company you are considering for your liquidation.






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Considerating an Estate Sale?

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