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Dear Friends,

Due to the spread of Covid-19 we are wearing masks to protect you and appreciate your wearing a mask to protect us. We are trying to do our part to slow or prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please help us with this endeavor. We are in the U.S.A. and you have the choice to wear or not wear a mask.

We offer various interesting items through in store.
If there is anything you are interested in we have, please feel free to contact us. 713-518-3030

We offer in store Gift eCards which are available for shopping with us later. https://squareup.com/gift/ZH3ZN69GB0TTH/order
We ask that everyone please be safe in this trying time. Enjoy time to be with family and pets. Together we will all get through this situation. Be sure to wash your hands often!

Live Long and Prosper!
Keith & Sondra Hardy


We are selling some of our items online.

To see some of what we offer, go here ~~~~~>  Craig's List Items


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We sell Vintage, Antiques and Other Old Treasures of a time gone by.

Estate Liquidation needed? Before you throw anything out, give us a call. We may be able to help.

We offer Estate Liquidation services. 713-518-3030

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Welcome to our page.

Our inventory of Vintage and sometimes Unique Items changes on a daily basis. Visit often and don't miss out on some really Cool Stuff!

To see our current photos and listings, Please visit our Facebook Page:


2317 Bingle Road

Houston, Tx 77055

Click on Map above for directions.


BLIND GIRL PRODUCTIONS - Resale & Vintage is happy to announce we offer eCards (Gift Cards) that are redeemable in our shop.
If you have someone in mind for a gift, but not sure what they may enjoy, send them our way and let them find that perfect treasure.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not package and ship items.
Electronic Gift Cards can be purchased by following this link...


We do NOT require your services. Please do NOT contact us for improving the look of our page or page ranking on search engines. Do NOT attempt to "help" us with any financial or monetary promotions. We do NOT want them.  Do NOT waste our time or yours. Your emails are always deleted as spam or phishing and we will jack with you and waste your time for our entertainment if you call us.


HOME          ABOUT US          CONTACT          PROMOTIONS

Considerating an Estate Sale?

Blind Girl Productions, 2317 Bingle Road, Houston, Texas 77055

Phone: 713 518 3030

We are Open 4 days a week:

12:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday and some Holidays.

We are Proud Sponsors of The Foundation Fighting Blindness

Since 2017, through our "Team Blind Girl Productions, we have raised over $10,000 for the Foundation

and the Houston Vision Walk to find cures for blindness.

If you would like to join our team or donate to this cause, please contact us!


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